Friday, September 21, 2007

Faye's Flowers

This is the photo that I took outside of the hotel that Faye and Jeannette stayed at during their Santa Fe stay. I was wandering my last morning there and remembered that they were checking out around that time so I hunted them down and was able to visit with them for a few minutes. While there I took this photo, the last one of many from my trip.

This is the 30 x40 painting that I did from the photo. I had both the photo thumbnail and the painting thumbnail next to each other on my task bar and I noticed that the painting was dreadfully lacking something. It was amazing how clearly I could see it on the little thumbnail. I seem to remember Carol mentioning this technique in class. Very useful let me tell you.
I am still having trouble photoing my paintings and getting the right colors represented. But this is the closest I could get. In the modified version (even though you can't see it as well on the photo) I upped the highlights on the leaves that are catching sun and the sunlit part of the urn. I noticed in the thumbnail that my values weren't different enough. Ok, so now I guess we can say I have officially learned something from Carol's workshop and applied it! Woo-woo!

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Terry Rafferty said...

Hi Lorrie - its really exciting to see how much you are getting done - and I love this painting of Faye's Flowers! Keep on charging!