Thursday, September 20, 2007

Results of my Santa Fe Class...

This is the first painting that I didn't wipe off in Santa Fe. It is three little grape tomatoes.

These three peppers are my next effort...I did these on the day we talked about composition.

This lemon was done on the day we talked about different values and how to use them in a painting to get the most dramatic effect.

These three red peppers were also done on the day we talked about values. I love the red on the turquoise background.

This is the last painting that I finished in Santa Fe. It is my favorite for many reasons. It is an 8x10 so perhaps the slightly larger size was a little more comfortable for me. I love the colors and I think the brush stroke are closer to what I have in mind trying to achieve for all of my paintings.

This is a sunflower that I finished after I got home...ok, I admit it....I took a photo of the flower before I left. So shoot me.

This is a 24x30 painting that I had started on a while ago before I had to take a work break and do other things besides paint. It was great to finally put the finishing touches on it yesterday!


Wu said...

These are lovely--your use of color is vibrant and full of energy (like you!)
All the best,

Crazy Ravens said...

Woman, are you on super-duper vitamins. How have you managed to get this much painting done? Your class pieces look great on your blog. Keep up the good work. Paula