Thursday, September 27, 2007

Two Day's Work...

I have painted my patootie off, as I said I was going to do. In fact I painted so much yesterday, that I didn't have time to stop and photo/post my work. So you get two day's worth today.
Welcome to Tabasco land. I am getting ready for a show and these things sell in this part of the country. I love to paint them, too. (good thing) This first one is 18x36. I was not happy with it at first and then I went back and worked on the background and darkened the shadow and BOOM it came to life. After Carol's workshop I think I am better maybe at diagnosing the problems in my work. Next...
This one is small by my standards...a mere6x12". I really like the mood of it. This one was painted on a black background.

This one I was really liking...until I painted in the background. I thought with so much teal and green, red would be good, but there is just something off about it. I guess I just figured out what it is. The photo of these was taken outside on a pretty neutral surface with trees in the actual upper background part. If these were actually on a red surface, they would be reflecting red somehwere, now wouldn't they? Ok...more tweaking to do.

I got so frustrated with the bottles, and I felt like I was not happy with where I was headed, so I just decided to go a totally different route. I got out my pallette knife and decided to do a pallete knife painting. This is from my Santa Fe collection. This one is 20x24". The colors did not translated just right onto the computer, but I really like this one. Much better in person. Ok, so after that one I was on a roll and decided to try to do a loose pallette knife wine bottle. Just something small. I did this 8x16. I didn't like it as much as I did the one I did in the workshop. So I went and got an actual wine bottle and set up a little still life and did another one.This one is so similar, yet so different. I like them both in their own way.

Well, that's it for show and tell. I need to get in the studio if I plan to have anything but a blog post to show for today.

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Christine Cassidy said...

Your patootie must be tired! Love those Tabasco bottles, so colorful! I'll have to try my hand at one also. I can't manage clear glass yet, but a filled bottle is another story. Christine