Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wine Line-Up and Hot Stuff

These are the results of my paint-a-thon on Monday... This wine bottle painting I did from a photo from a trip this summer where we saved the bottles from the weekend on a rail by the deck where we were staying. (There were 7 of us there.) I struggled with this one and got caught up in the details. There are parts I really like, though. I plan to tweak this one a little more. Now that I have seen it photographed I notice the "fluid" look of the second bottle from the left. I like that look and wouldn't mind it if they all looked that way, but since the others are a little more "soldierly" I think I shall do a mini-makeover on this guy.
This one I did after I had gotten totally frustrated with the wine bottles. I decided to try to really apply what I had learned in my Caorl Marine workshop. I set up a still life, got out my view-finder and did this 10x 20. I think the influences of Carol are pretty evident, but I think it is still "me", too. (Thanks, Carol)

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Crazy Ravens said...

Hmmm..I wonder how all those bottles got empty. Paula