Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday's Work...

I did this pear yesterday afternoon after I had posted the pelicans. I was feeling the time drawing to a close where I can just paint all day long so I was reluctant to put up my paints and wash my brushes. I did this pear from life with thoughts of what I learned in class near the surface of my thoughts. I changed backgrounds at the last minute and the ground color was not what I would have used. However it made this interesting background color, sort of a departure for me. The pear is 11x14.Speaking of departures I decided to do something different from my normal repertoire and this guy is the result. I took his photo when we visited Hilton Head Island this summer. I am sorry to say he was a pet and not just in the wild but he was colorful, noisy and happy(like me). He is 12x24.

In keeping with the departure theme, this landscape was born out of the desire to not throw away the beautiful colors I had left over from some of the paintings of the last couple of days. I took my pallette knife and created this sunset. A total departure...I feel like there is no way I can come close to imitating the beauty of a sunset, so I normally don't try. This is 11x 14 and just sort of makes me smile.