Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Monday's Work...

I am still trying paint on the fruits and vegetables that I bought Friday, before they are "no longer available". I was dieing to paint these two pears. I actually stood in the grocery store and held up pears and looked at them from odd angles. The produce man couldn't help but ask what I was doing. I sort of had this little drama worked up in my mind before I even left the store. The green pear had this little rakish tilt to his stem and I thought he looked so jaunty. And then the other pear, well she is just blushing right down to her socks, over something that the "suave" pear said. (I know, I've been inhaling too many fumes) This one is 16x20 and is entitled "You're Making Me Blush"
This trio of tomatoes was fun. They are 12x12 and I think they would look good together as a group or on their own. (I pulled the second tomato carefully off the main stem and then by accident pulled off the little leaf crown thing, which was the reason I picked it in the first place, so I had to pin it back on!)