Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oil Painting of a Tomato ... 12x12

Okay here is another day that I have stepped outside the box and painted on a day that I would normally not have. Even though it is a subject I am well familiar with, I saw this tomato displaced in a fruit bin at the grocery store yesterday and it had all those great little curling leaves that I love. So I had to have it. I am still pretty uncomfortable with painting when I have 1200 other things to do, but I am trying.

Also you may have noticed that I have made more informative titles for my posts for the last two paintings. I read an article from the Empty Easel web site this weekend on how search engines work as applied to an artist. When blogging it seems that the more "keywords" you have in your blog title the better chance you have of getting noticed. Dangerous words for me, since I tend to be pretty verbous anyway.


Anonymous said...

Luv your tomatoes, baby! I may need to give them a home... Cori

dorgrob said...

lorrie, i'm so impressed with your ability to get down and paint everyday. i have been painting but have not figured out the whole blog thing ...so i have to wait till my son comes home to set things up. i love the last tomato you did...bravo.!!!!!! dorothy

Christina said...

Hi Aunt Lorrie! I think all your paintings look amazing! I can't believe you've only been doing this for a couple years.

I really like the contrast on the tomatoes...you even add in a little glare...very nice touch!

I also have to wonder...have you been eating a lot of tomatoes lately? haha