Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tuesday's Work...

First hello and welcome to all my friends and family who are subscribing to my blog for the first time. Thanks to all who have written and sent such nice comments. You just don't know how much it helps to know what others are thinking. I have actually had two people who are not friends or family comment on my work...and they didn't even feel like they had to.

The next big thing is that my friend Carol Marine, that I took the workshop in Santa Fe from, mentioned me in her blog yesterday! I told my husband I fell like a struggling musician that has been asked to jam with a famous band or something. Thanks so much to Carol for the kind words.

On to the paintings...The first one I tackled was this jalapeno and tomato. I wanted to do the horizontal layout for a change. As usual now that I have photoed it I can see something it needs. So I will tweak it before I put it out at my show. This one is 10x20.

Yesterday was the day for my dance lesson so I had to knock off before I finished the third tomato in this little trilogy. Last week was Tabasco-land, well this week we are visiting Tomato Town! I love painting tomatoes. I really am happy with these two. I love the loosy goosy look. I did these almost entirely with a pallette knife. They are 12x12.

Now to get that last tomato done and then maybe something different...