Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wednesday and Thursday's work...

I did not get to finish Wednesday's paintings on Wednesday because I was painting two at the same time and just ran out of gas. So, I have worked on them all day today and will post both day's work together this time.I finished the third tomato (in the set from Tuesday) first thing in the morning. I don't know what it was about yesterday but my phone rang 100 times. I have a phobia about not answering it so I was up and down and in and out with my painting mojo. The tomato is 12x12 like the other two in the set.

Then I did these two handsome creatures. They are 12 x 24. They were painted from a set of photos that I took one afternoon at the Ocean Springs Harbor. For those of you not familiar with this neck of the woods, Ocean Springs is in Coastal Mississippi and their harbor was dreadfully affected by the hurricane. These photos were taken during the summer before the hurricane struck. I spent an afternoon down there and made friends with these guys and their flock. I got so friendly with them that I was actually able to walk out on the dock with them and hang out. I have often wondered if they survived. I know that the photogenic shrimpboat nearby did not. It remains a wonderful memory.