Friday, January 25, 2008

Foyer Gallery...

Yesterday I finished my two tropical bird commissions. They are similar (yet different) to one I did in the fall that was purchased by a friend of mine. He hung it in his office at work and got two commissions for me.
I chose to post the photo of my "foyer gallery" because of Karin Jurick's comment on her blog today. She was talking about how she enjoyed looking at her work that she had gotten ready for her upcoming show. She said looking at it all framed and varnished gave her a feeling of pride and accomplishment. I had said the exact same thing to my family last night about how I loved it when the foyer was full of new work and I could go by there and see all that I had done. It brings a spark of life to our home that would not be there otherwise. Plus, I get to "visit with" each piece a little bit before I send it out into the world.
Do I have a fun job or what?

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Stella said...

Cool stuff. Can't wait to see Jeff's pic