Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Geraniums on the steps...

I finished this one yesterday, but did not photo it until morning. It's the same thing that happened to me today...by the time I was finished painting it was too gloomy and overcast to take the picture. This one is 24x30. I used some principles from Carol Marine's workshop in trying to establish a center of interest. I loved this shot, but the interest in the photo was divided equally between all the flowers on the steps. So I used several tricks to try to get your eye to move through the painting and return to the pink geraniums. One, they are more detailed than the others; and two, they are the only pink ones. I'm not sure if my tricks were successful or not, I have to live with it a while and keep looking at it when my brain is not expecting it.

Cool stuff to see tomorro!...I painted my three landmarks! I used a pallette knife almost totally and I really like them.

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