Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wine and Culinary Painting!

I have some news that is very exciting to me, but first let's talk about my absence from the easel. I had one of my "day job" jobs (cabinet glazing) come up last week and I had to do it since that is still my most steady source of grocery money. So, though I have been croaking to get back to my streetcar painting, I had to put it off for just a bit. It has, however, paid off. I lived with the painting "as is" for a while and I know some little tweaks already that will be such an improvement. So, SOON I will hit it again and it will be better than ever!

But on to the news. I got in my email inbox the other day an invitaion to submit a sketch for the Southern Breeze Wine and Culinary Festival that takes place in several cities along the Gulf Coast. There are four different 3-day events that I know of; one in Biloxi, Mobile, Orange Beach, and Northwest Florida. They were looking for an artist to design the artwork for their festival merchandise and printed event literature. I have always wanted to do one of these and yesterday I found out I am going to get to do this one! But, as with all projects, they need it yesterday! So I will be off to work on this plus the other major issues I have going on this week! I was out of town yesterday (when I got the news) delivering fresh paintings as promised to my gallery in Oxford MS. I had planned to take some to Hattiesburg today, but that will have to wait till next week. Tomorrow and Thursday I will be embroiled in a 2-day Jr. Auxilliary project that I am chairperson for. Friday is taken as well. So I may not get to finish this project till over the weekend, but when it's done, you'll see it here!

I'm off to create......

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