Thursday, March 27, 2008

Colorful 24x30 Original Oil Painting of Wine Bottles

First I want to tell you that I am doing something fun and special today...I have been asked to take part in a new program sponsored by one of the local galleries. Every Thursday they have what they call Artists in Action. They have a featured artist come and actually set up and paint in the gallery. So today that is me. If any of my local friends want to stop by I will be at Jackson Street Gallery on the corner of Jackson St. and 51 in Ridgeland. (The same shopping center as Foo Fa Rah)

So I decided yesterday to get back to one of the big ones. I had had this one sketched onto the canvas for a while and it had been sitting there staring at me.
I am glad I painted it. I like the way the glass turned out so much that I am willing to overlook (though some may not) the very obvious compositional faux pas. If enough people ask I will explain what I mean, but for now I will let you ponder on it.
I think Dacia (my muse) summed it up best when she said she liked the colors of this one because they are different from the ones I have been doing. That's because this is the first one in a while that I have done that did not come from the photos of the women's weekend in Louisiana.
This photo was taken from my own stash on my deck one day. If you look you can tell that they were sitting on a round table with a pinkish red tablecloth. (Can you see how the roundness of the table shows through the 1st, 2nd and 4th bottles especially?)
Have a great day! I hope to.


n. rhodes harper said...

Hi Lorrie, It was so much fun meeting you at the TX. workshop. Your paintings are wonderful and you are so much fun. I hope we can meet up again some day. Wasn't that the best workshop you have ever been too? Take care, Nancy H.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I don't see the faux pas. I like it.