Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Daily Oil Painting Kids on Beach

This painting is special in several ways. First, kids on a beach are one of my favorite subjects to see in other's artwork as well as to paint. Next, this is a big step for me. This is the first time I have taken the time to do a "study" before starting a larger painting. And the last thing is that these are not just strangers we're looking at here, this is my nephew Brian and his two current sons (they have another one on the way).
My sister-in-law, Brian's mother, has commissioned an 18x24 of this scene. The photo is black and white, so it is really cool to work with. The most special thing is that I think the guy out in water actually looks like Brian. ( to me anyway, let's hope the rest of the family agrees!)
I would like to go on record that this is yet another daily painting, and it is 6x8 (small, for me) with PEOPLE in it! I am really stepping out here!


Christina said...

This painting looks great! For a photo that was in black and white seems like you really nailed the color scheme. Makes me wanna go to the beach!!!

FCP said...

Oh my! Lorrie, this painting has so much chi-I think it is my favorite of all you have done, love those brushstrokes and light and shadow divisions.
WOW! This is awesome!