Thursday, April 3, 2008

Farmer's Market Apple Basket Daily Oil Painting

Farmer's Market Apple Basket......6x8...oil on board......$100

I will have to say that my committment to daily painting came through in grand style yesterday. A friend dropped by and wanted to take my daughter and me out to dinner, so they sat there and watched every move I made while I painted this one. Not much pressure. But I hung in there until I had something to work with. I then tweaked it a couple of times this morning before it was ready for prime time. It is from a photo taken at the wonderful farmer's market in Santa Fe when I was there for Carol Marine's workshop.

"Cruisin' Canal St.".....16x20.....Oil on Canvas......$350

This is the larger painting I did yesterday before my audience got there. I do love my streetcars.


FCP said...

I love that apple basket--very nice feeling of "basket" and the apples are wonderful, love the whole design and complimentary colors. The red glow on the side of the basket offers nice harmony--LOVELY!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I really like the streetcar and the red truck. I didn't realize, at first, that these are HUGE paintings. Good job. I am painting small dailies, but even producing one of those per day is daunting.
I'm amazed at Carol Marine, knocking it out of the park everyday and with a two year old as well !