Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Green Peppers Ready Daily Oil Painting

Green Peppers Ready...Oil paint on Canvas.....12x12.....$150(sold)

This is painting number two of the 4-part series of spaghetti ingredients.

I don't know if anyone else is this way or not, but I am finding that I concentrate so hard lately on putting the little blocks of color together to make a painting that I don't really see the painting till much later. I have to take a break and be away from it not working on it for several hours and then when I come back I can see the forms have taken shape.

That really happened with this one. It was a sea of chunks of green and I really thought I would need to wipe it. Then later I look and see three green peppers...with stems, no less! Who knew?!
I have also been at a couple of computers lately and viewed my blog on different monitors and Holy Guacamole! They are so different! One had the color all pale and sort of orange-y. Another had it way dark...I mean really dark. So on that computer (mom) this one is going to look like a black canvas with three green humps floating on it. Really annoying to know that these images I work so hard to synchronise still end up distorted. Bummer. Also, the glow of blue on this one is just unavoidable glare (in the time I had to work with this one).

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