Thursday, April 24, 2008

Orange Slice Daily OIl Painting

Orange Slice....Oil On Board....6x6.......$50

This piece was a total experiement. One, I actually painted on a day when I had ten thousand other things to do and I actually made time and went and did it.

The other part of the experiment was the photographing part. I used my digital camera and then when I got ready to prepare it for posting I tried a different program for modifying it.

What some folks don't know is that these photos just don't pop into the computer looking like they do when they appear on the blog. They have to be cropped and tweaked so the color looks as close to the real thing as possible. Which is, of course, im-possible.

I have been using my HP Image Zone program to get them ready for prime time, but in talking to just about everyone else, I hear that they are using Adobe Photoshop. I really like my IZ and I am oh, so, comfortable with it, but it lacks a lot of the capabilities that I think I need. Primarily the little thing where you can "skew" your image. (that's where you take a square painting that does not fit perfectly into the square crop and gently pull the corner to where it will fit.)

I have an incredibly old version of Photoshop (ok, it's 3.0) Don't know where it came from, have never used it till today, don't know what a layer is, so I am just swimming in mud. But I got this on here so I guess that is something. It is not quite exactly right, in that the left edge of the plate is not quite so close to the edge of the painting, but at least it is on here. By the way, I think other people have version 7.0 now, not that I am working with a dinosaur here, or anything.

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Vicki Shuck said...

Hey, Lorrie, nice one! It's so "painterly" and has such great light and color!