Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tomatoes Ready...Daily Oil Painting

Tomatoes Ready........Oil on Canvas......12x12......$150 (sold)

This is number three of the spaghetti series. You can't have spaghetti without tomatoes, now can you? If you follow this blog you know that I have vast experience with tomatoes, so this one did flow a little easier than yesterday's. It's sort of nice doing a series, it takes out the big decision on what to paint.
I got some interesting news yesterday. Southern Living Magazine which is really BIG regionally here in the South (and in other places around the country, I have heard) came to a gallery where I display paintings a few weeks ago. They took copious amounts of photos and the gallery owner found out yesterday that one of the photos they are using includes 3 of my 12 x 12 paintings guessed it!......TOMATOES! It is a photo of a little set-up she has in the gallery with red benches and larger paintings on the wall, but across the bottom are my tomatoes. So, it may be a half- inch square picture in a 1/2 page article......but it is in Southern Living! Look for it in the June issue coming soon to a newstand near you!

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Mark Bridges said...

Hi Lorrie. Good news with the magazine. Remind us again when it's out. Your peppers look fantastic. mine...not so much. :)