Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coastal Icon: Back Bay Oil Painting

Back Bay Afternoon.....16x20....oil on canvas......$300

This is another painting for my Coast series. I can tell you from experience the Back Bay area was affected by Katrina. I can't count how many afternoons I sat out by the water and watched the boats come in. Our house was just around the bend from Kremer Marine and lots of people put in there.

But I think this guy must have lived on the water....this is my theory.....he is dressed too well to be out fishing or spending the day on the water. He surely is not checking crab traps in white shorts! So, what I think is that he got dressed to go out to eat and his family(wife) was not ready yet. So he is just out for a little spin until the rest of his party is ready to go. Of course, it's just a theory. I hope if he did live on the water that his home is still there. Unfortunately, ours is not.

This painting is for all the people who lived and worked and fished and daydreamed in the Back Bay area.

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