Friday, May 2, 2008

Pear Still Life Daily Oil Painting...

Pear Still Life.......6x8.....oil on panel.......$100

Well, somehow I missed the first day of May yesterday. I am leaving today for the Wine Festival in Orange Beach and I spent yesterday putting wires on the back of paintings, making lables, giving them titles. Plus about 1,000 other things I had to do to get ready.

I did this pear on Wednesday, but did not photo it until today. It's not the best photo, but the pear is pretty cool. I was not in love with it when I was doing it and I reverted back to a technique that I learned from my friend/teacher Julie McCartney. I was going to put it away and try again later, but before I let all the paint dry in the static manner in which I had it on the canvas, I took a pallette knife and just sort of worked it all together. It's very fun and random. It gives the juiciest bits of color in the most interesting places. It gives me a looseness that I strive for and was not getting. And now this is a cool pear.

OKAY, now for the APRIL report card.....I started at the first of April (in my mind) to try to start being consistent in preparaation for applying for the Daily Painter site (requirement is 4 months consistently daily painting before you apply) as well as getting ready to be steady enough to keep the ebay thing going. By my calculations there were 20 "working" days in April. I plan to approach this with the discipline of a regular job and in my "job" I don't work on the weekends.

So in April, with 20 working days, of which I was out of town for 8 of the working days, I was able to produce 19 paintings. I need to get better at the posting part because one didn't get posted in April (this one) and some got posted all on one day sometimes. But for a first month I am pretty happy.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Nice work. I'm on the same adventure. It's quite a challenge!