Thursday, May 8, 2008

Those Drennan Men Beach Oil Painting

Those Drennan Men.....18x24.....Oil on Canvas......NFS(Commission)

This is the finished version of the study I did a few weeks ago. This is my nephew and two of his sons. He has a new addition to the family as of a couple of weeks ago. But this is a commission for his mom, my sister-in-law. We will just have do do another one in a couple of years with all three boys in it.

This is really a dream come true for me. Back before I painted in oils, this is one of those sorts of paintings that I would have fallen in love with. It is loose, colorful and happy. When I started painting it seemed pretty far out of reach to paint people that actually looked like who they are. But these guys do. (It didn't hurt that I had some hotties as subject matter.) I am truly happy with this and am glad it is going to a good home where I can visit it now and then.

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Vicki Shuck said...

This is HOT, Lorrie! I can feel it as if I'm there. Nice job!