Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wine Presentation Oil Painting for Esterlina Vineyards

Wine Presentation.......11x14.....oil on canvas............$200(SOLD)
I have been in outer space for the last week or so. I have painted when I could, but just not posted. So this is a study I did for a vintner that I met at the Wine Festival in Orange Beach. He liked my work, but it did not have his labels on it. So I did a little something that did have his label. I am hoping to work out a deal with him to possibly do some art for his tasting room. The and his family have a beautiful set-up in California.
I have a show coming up that I am excited about. It will take place at Negrotto's Gallery in Biloxi on Saturday Aug. 30. The working title is "Back Before Katrina(the Unnatural Disaster)" and the show will feature coastal landmarks that were affected by Katrina. I will post the pieces here as I complete them.

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