Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Ba-a-a-ck....

Well, I've been away for a while and a lot has happened. I will try to bring you up to date as quickly as possible. First of all, the reason I have been gone so long...

Basically I paint because I am happy and inspired and because I want to paint. A few weeks ago a series of events (all bad) combined together to make it where I could not force myself to go into my studio to paint. It takes a lot to get me down, but that week did it. I normally give myself a few minutes, hours or a day or two to get over something depending on its severity. then I move on. Well, this one took longer than that, but I am now moving on. Thanks, to those who noticed and inquired about my absence from the blogging world.

Now let's talk about the good things that have happened. You can see four of my paintings in the June Southern Living Magazine, pg 72. In the photo on the left, the top right painting with the green umbrellas is mine and in the other photo, you can see my three 12x12 tomatoes above the red bench. They didn't mention my name, but the traffic at the gallery has definitely picked up and the tomatoes have gone to a new home.

Next I am excited to say that I got in the Shrimp Festival...I didn't really think I would. It's a 4-day festival in Oct. in Gulf Shores AL and it draws 300 thousand visitors!

I also was asked to display my art in a local upscale fitness center for women. I thought it would be great exposure, but I didn't think I would really sell anything....I sold 4 in less than a week. Plus I sold a few more in galleries to total 8 paintings in about 5 weeks. So I figured God was telling me to get back in there and paint!

But the absolute best news I have saved for last. This past weekend my wonderful son and his wonderful sweet wife drove 10 hours from their home in Lexington to surprise us and share their big news. My husband and I are going to be GRANDPARENTS!!!!! I have only been ready to be a grandmother for about 12 years so this is incredibly good news for all of us! I will not be applying for spring shows that will interfere with baby month!

Below is another painting for my Coast Icon Show. This is one of my favorite restaurants ever, Trapani's Eatery in Bay St. Louis. This original building is gone, but I hear there are plans to rebuild bigger and better than ever.

I hope to be back in the groove now and painting with a passion. Again, thanks to those who inquired (especially my cousin, Ron).

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