Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pelicans Sunning oil painting

Pelicans Sunning.....12x24.....oil on canvas.......$275

Another painting for my coast show. I cannot tell you how many times, during the hurricane and its aftermath, I thought about the pelicans on the dock in Ocean Springs Harbor. I had been down there just before the storm and spent a whole afternoon out there photographing them. They are so used to humans that at one point I was out on the little pier at the end and there were pelicans all around me. They hang out there because fishermen come in and have a spot where they clean their fish and give them the leftovers. We really bonded and I was worried about what happened to them.
This duo, I'm proud to say, are from a recent trip. It was a very sunny day, not the time of day I normally try to take pictures for paintings. But I was there and they were there and I was just so glad to see them. Some fisherman showed up with their catch, and wow, it got crazy. They are just such interesting birds. These two were catching some rays before the fisherman showed up with lunch.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You really caught the bold atttitudes of pelicans.