Friday, July 18, 2008


I have been away from my blogging for a while and I hate that I have not been current with it. But it is all I can do to keep up with daily life right now. My Uncle passed away this past weekend and we will surely miss him. He was a great man and accomplished much in his lifetime, not to mention he pulled off a succcessful 69 years of marriage to the same woman.

While we were at the family home after the memorial service my son and daughter-in-law called and gave us the huge and happy news that they are having twins. What a joyful announcement that was. My DIL is a twin, but on my side of the family and in my husband's large extended family there are no multiples, so I honestly feel like we are the first ones to ever do this. I know that's not true, but that's what it feels like to this grandma! And they are going to be identical twins which is not heriditary, so how special is that! Below is their first family portrait. I think they might as well enjoy all that room they have right now, because in a couple more months it will start to get a little more crowded!

We will be gone for the next five Destin, FL for a company trip. As company trips go this is a pretty darn good destination if you ask me!
I have three paintings to post when I return!


FCP said...

TWINS! Lorrie honey, you definitely have the exuberance and stamina required for twins. You will be the best grandma ever. I am super happy for all of you!

laine lea said...

Lorrie - love your site! Found you thru the 'virtual artist date' site. Im going to join in for August also - looks like fun!
Please check my site - - Id love to add your site to my blog list and wonder if you might add mine to yours! Let me know! Thanks - Laine

dreamer said...

LorrieGirl - I haven't been able to get your email address to work -what is up with that? Just wanted to say hello - has it been almost a year since Santa Fe?? And, to tell you I am loving your stuff - love it, love it. Such a variety of subjects and colors, YUM.
AND . . . Grandmother, I am so proud for you. I am sorry you will need to buy two of everything - what fun! We may have stpooed at 6 - who knows. What a delight for you. Luv, jeannette

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

YAY twins! Double the fun!