Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Interesting Places to Go and Things to See....

First let me answer the question that I know is on everyone's mind...What the heck? Or actually what the heck does a little Shasta trailer have to do with anything. If you don't know what I am talking about, check out the previous post and then come back.

Last night I received the correct answer from our dear friends Randy and Joleen in Baton Rouge, La. (who are just "the best people). There is a reason we have been friends with these folks forever....they just get me. Anyway, for those of you who are still scratching your heads, the answer is======"One Happy Camper"!

Ok now on to something serious...As I stated yesterday, I was honored to receive the "Arte Y Pico" Award again. The first time, I played by the rules and did everything I was supposed to do. It takes a little chunk of your day to post all those links and email the folks you have chosen and all that this time I decided to update my link list to the right with cool people that for some reason I never did put over there. Now anyone who comes to my blog forevermore will be able to look over there and go check them out.

So here are the new additions to the party:

Justin Clayton...I got to meet him in Austin and he is a really nice guy. His site is very different and beautiful. This is what blew me away...look at his archives of paintings in those little collages that he has and then look at all those little red dots! Those are paintings sold people! Way to go Justin!

Charles Sovek...My most helpful site ever. Mr. Sovek passed away this past summer and it just broke my heart that the world had lost such a great generous, talented artist way too early. His site has tutorials, and helpful hints and wonderful archives of his work. Spend the day just checking it out!

Maggie Stiefvater...She is a writer, mom, humorist, colored pencil artist and all around nut. Her articles in the archives about time management are solid gold. Use the magic search feature and find them, read them, follow them, and then call me and remind me to do the same.

Mike Rooney...I love his work and he is a "chatter" like me. He always tells you what is going on and what he's thinking. I like that. It makes you feel like part of the process or something. It also makes me know that there are other artists out there that I consider much farther up the food chain than me, that have their own insecurities, bad days, and wiped off paintings just like I do.

Mary Sheehan Winn...She does beautiful work that I can identify with, would like to own, like to look at, etc. Plus her commentary is pretty entertaining. Check out the painting of the kite store. Wow. Love it.

Jerry Lebo (a.k.a. The Sixty Minute Artist)...Interesting views, hints, and articles. Be sure to read his bio piece on the side that tells why he is the Sixty Minute Artist.

Quiang-Huang... I got to meet him in Austin as well. His name is pronounced Chong Wong. He is such a sweet, gentle person. His paintings are beautiful. His journey is interesting and I love his phraseology in the "English as a second language" vein of thinking. Sometimes it is almost musical.

Colin Page...I am seeing his name pop up everywhere in the blogs that I frequent. He is a fabulous painter with a style that I aspire to. Loose, colorful, happy, with blocks, and splotches of color that may not necessarily make sense until you look at the overall picture. As was the joke in an art class I took, when we particularly loved something we said we just wanted to "get a spoon and eat it!" I need a knife and fork, too, when I see his work!

Okay, my job here is done. I must get to painting since I rally hate to post without a "picture". But I will have one for you tomorrow. I hope.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Thank you So much. I could die happy after being mentioned with these painters and your accomplished paintings!
I am glad you find my posts as entertaining as I hope they are when I write them.
The 'Wow' comment on the Kite Store. I'm bedazzled!
Like, your bouillibase painting is WOW.