Friday, August 22, 2008

Okole Maluna! Oil Painting...

Okole Maluna!...30x30.....oil on GWcanvas..........$800
This is the only painting that I did this week, but since it is 30x30 I am OK with that. I also did a community project on Monday and have been getting ready to deliver my paintings this weekend for the show in Biloxi next weekend.
But back to the painting. I just want to say that I am button-popping proud of this one. Not that it is the greatest painting I have ever done, but it is by far the best HANDS I have ever done! Any artist knows that hands are just hard. And let's see...why not put four of them in there from all different angles!
I was searching for a foreign toast and then I saw Okole is Hawaiian. I had images of it meaning something to do with light (luna) so I went to look up the meaning. I first found Okole it meant rear end. Huh? Then I found the entire phrase and it means...Bottoms up! So much for my romanticised melodious Hawaiian phrase.


Terry Rafferty said...

Nice, Lorrie - I can hear the clink of the glasses an the chatter of the party!

FCP said...

This one is a "wow" Lorrie - you SHOULD be button popping proud! I love the creative composition, and you did an excellent job with the hands.
Keep up the great work,