Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pat O'brien's Evening Radiance...Oil Painting

Pat O'Brien's Evening Radiance.....24x30.....Oil on Canvas.....$700

This is from a photo I took when we were in New Orleans for a Saint's game last year. I have always wanted to paint it because of the wonderful glow it has.
Well, folks, I am indeed surprised to say that I have received the "Arte Y Pico" award from another source. This morning I got my Google Alert and saw that Carol Marine had included me in her five recipients. Talk about an honor! For a musician, this would be like having one of your alltime favorite recording artists bestow an award on you. It is very very special to me in an entirely different way than when I received it from Pattie. The picture below describes what I am right now...I challenge everyone to submit the right answer in the comments column. So do you get it? Come on think about it......Answer will be posted tomorrow. But I know there is someone out there on the same quirky wavelength as me.Also coming tomorrow will be five more artists...I got the award twice and cannot wait to post another 5 recipients that are every bit as interesting and talented as the first five.

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FCP said...

Congrats again, Miz Lorrie. You deserve all this and more.
The Pat O'Brian's painting really captures that glow you were after.
all the best,