Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where I Stand on Sunday:

This is my first post for a photo-journalistic sort of project that caught my eye. Pattie Wall, the cool lady that gave me my award a couple of posts ago, is part of a group that takes a photo every Sunday of where they are at that particular slice of time. This is my first Sunday to do it.
This is "where I stand" today. I am in my den, sleeping pooch nearby, trying to be sure I don't miss anything on the Olympics. We've been to church, grocery shopped, so I have just a couple more chores before I can settle in for some serious Olympic viewing!


Pattie said...

Super cool, you are joining us? Love your toe ring!

laine lea said...

What a neat idea!! How, or can, others join in the Sunday photo post? PS~ I love your art!!! Happy painting!