Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spiderlilies and Geraniums Daily Oil Paintings

Spiderlilies.....5x7......oil on panel.........SOLD

Geraniums......5x7.....Oil on Panel.......SOLD

These paintings were done by commission for a lovely lady that says they remind her of her mother. She has two daughters and when she received these after I had completed them she said that she knew they would be something that the girls would keep for years to come. It is rather touching to me to think that my work might be handed down from mother to daughter.
Speaking of daughters......we have a little more news about the twins.....they are going to be girls! We were so excited when we found out, but then we thought, we'd have been just as excited if it had been boys....I think we're just excited period. We went to see my son and DIL up in Kentucky this weekend. We got to go with them to Babys R Us to register for baby stuff. Boy have things changed! There are so many cool things to help you out and some of the old stand-bys have been so improved! But man it all costs a pretty penny. And they need two of so many things!
I got in one more art show for this fall....The Three Rivers Festival in Covington, La. That means I was accepted in 3 of the 4 that I applied to so I am pretty happy about that. I wanted to do as many in the fall as I could since I won't most likely be doing any in the spring due to baby arrivals.


Terry Rafferty said...

Hi Lorrie - what an exciting time for you! I know you would have been happy if the twins were boys, but aren't girls just a little bit better? :-) So many fun and pretty things to get them.

Your paintings continue to be wonderful and so full of energy - the spiderlilies make me think of fireworks!

Carol Marine is going to be up here next week teaching; I'm really hoping I can break free long enough to go say hi and see what her class is doing....

FCP said...

The flower paintings are especially lovely, Lorrie.
Congrats on the news about the girls!
You will be the best grandmother ever.