Thursday, October 30, 2008

Courtyard Fountain in New Orleans Oil Painting

Courtyard Fountain.......18x24......oil on canvas.....$450
I can't believe I have not posted this one yet! That's how crazy it has been for me lately! I love the way this one turned out! It got a lot of interest at the last festival.
I remember taking the photo and how the fountain was out in the direct sunlight and there were cool shadows under the balcony. When I look at the painting I think you can get that feeling for sure.
This was one of those lucky little things you stumble upon when out wandering around. This was actually a residential courtyard behind a shop that I had happened into. I could see it behind the shop and asked if I could go take photos. Luckily for me the answer was yes.
I am off to the River Arts Festival in Memphis this weekend. This past weekend my son and DIL that are expecting twins were in town for a shower thrown by my wonderful friend Tracy and attended by even more wonderful friends. I know this sounds sappy, but if you are ever tempted to take your friends for granted you need to step back and look around and realize what an amazing group they are. I am still just blown away by what my friends did for Michael and Heather and (drum roll) McKinley and Kayleigh. That will be my little granddaughters...Mckinley and Kayleigh.
I think M & H did a wonderful job on the names...they sound like twins without being matchy-matchy and they both have different initials, which will make labeling everything much easier. Heather is Heather Leigh, hence the spelling of Kayleigh's name.
Well, today's to-do list is very long and it's not getting done while I am here typing.


Connie said...

Lovely painting!

FCP said...

Wonderful painting, congrats on latest news of your granddaughter,