Friday, December 5, 2008


I have worked this week on commissions for Christmas and upcoming birthdays. There is an added pressure to doing commissions. It will be a relief to get back to painting works where I have to only please myself. I have three more to do. But here are the ones I worked on this week...

"Seven Little Shrimps"..........8x10.......oil on canvas.......SOLD

This first one is am image I did for a nice lady I met at the Shrimp Festival. She was down there with her grown children's families...which included SEVEN grandchildren under the age of FOUR!!!! So the seven little shrimps in the painting are to commemorate her "seven little shrimps" attending their first shrimp festival.

"Susie".........12x12...............Oil on canvas............SOLD

This is Susie. She was commissioned by a wife for her husband's birthday. It is such a sweet story, he misses Susie very much, and his wife is doing this for him. I sure hope he likes it.

"Plum-Pickin with my Pa-Paw".........20x24................Oil on canvas..........SOLD

This is for my dear sister-in-law. She is giving it to her father for Christmas. The image is her grandson and her father. So it's a great-grandson and his Pa-Paw. The photo just would not come out right, but it definitely looks like little Mr. Seth. She took a great photo. I wish they were all this great to work with.

One more piece of news....I was notified that my art is to be used by "CORK, A Red River Revel Wine Event". Cork is in April and is a wine tasting/dinner/wine festival event. It is actually a fundraiser for the Red River Revel Art Festival in Shreveport, LA in October. The October Festival sounds like an awesome event for the community. Every fourth-grader from two parishes is bused in and gets to do a bunch of hands-on art activities and get exposed to a lot of great art and meet the artists.

The really neat thing is that I met two of the board members in my booth in Covington. They purchased two of my prints. They said that they would be meeting in Dec. to decide about the featured artwork. Imagine my surprise when they called and said they want both images! They will use the bowl of corks in their promotional materials...postcards, web site, etc. Then the glasses toasting will be auctioned at the wine dinner, I believe, and they will also do a couple of giclees of it. I get to attend and have a set-up at the festival. I am pretty excited!


Paula Cravens said...

Congrats Lorrie,

Your are rockin' and rollin'! Keep up the great work!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

What great news along with your expected (stork) deliveries ;)
I could pluck one of those shrimp and eat it. Beautifully done.
Best wishes for your holidays, Lorrie.