Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Doubledecker weekend a success!

Pear Varieties.....set of three......6x8......$175

Beyond Sight and Sound and Touch.........16x20........$375

These are some more of the paintings I did to get ready for Double Decker. The tree is one of those that you just have to see in person. It has that rare quality that I see in other people's paintings sometimes, in that it sort of glows. I am analyzing the steps I took to see if I can produce the effect again, but suffice it to say the real thing is WAY better than the photo.

The Pears are part of a set that are done on 1 1/2" gallery wrap canvases that are 6x8. On a canvas that small the sides are a big deal. On these I painted the sides black and white squares. They look so great hanging in a group.

The show this weekend was a success. As far as I know, every other artist that I talked to had a great show. It was my best one so far for me so I am happy. I sold 7 paintings and 17 prints. And yes it was a long day. But Dacia and Shaun (my daughter and her boyfriend) came with us and made the load much lighter.
Next I am off to Kentucky to keep the girls while son & DIL go to the Derby. I would much rather watch my sweeties than a bunch of horses, let me tell you!


Terry Rafferty said...

Congratulations on the successful show - great sales!
I totally understand about the painting looking better than the photo image - and then you have no idea what other peoples moniters look like - but even so, I can see the glow in that tree from here!

Christina said...

As always the paintings are looking amazing! Glad to hear the show went so well!!

And give those adorable lil cutie-pies each a kiss from me! :D