Wednesday, May 6, 2009

3 months old today!



McKinley and Kayleigh

Well, I have just returned from keeping the grandtwins so that their mom and dad could go to the Kentucky Derby. Let's just suffice it to say that Granzie loved every minute of it. I am totally exhausted and would go back tomorrow in a heartbeat.

They are in the stage now where they smile at you. NO, it is not "gas" anymore, they are definitely smiling at you. Their little personalities are developing and they are so much more social.

They will just melt you. They are a little ornery when it comes to that frustrating as all hell. But they are SO good otherwise. They ar sleeping all night most nights, they do not fuss between feeding times, they sleep well and boy are they strong when it comes to body control. They have impressed their Dr. by how well they can hold their heads up and how well they can support themselves on their legs. The Drs. still expect them to be "behind" since they were born early, but they are catching up fast in every arena.
I painted a little between DoubleDecker and leaving for Kentucky, and I will try to post those tomorrow. I leave Friday for Tupelo where I will participate in the Gumtree Festival. I did well there two years ago, so I hope it will be a good one this time, too.

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dreamer said...

What beautiful Southern Belles . . . love the smocked dresses.