Thursday, May 14, 2009

Art Sale! Paintings Reduced!

I am having an art sale at my home this weekend. If you are in the Brandon area feel free to come by. I am calling it the "Out with the old---In with the new" sale. I will have some of my paintings, such as those shown here, drastically reduced.
If you see something that you love and are not in the area, feel free to email me (info in the sidebar to the right) for prices, sizes and shipping/delivery possibilites.

I have long since decided that there is no rhyme or reason to what makes a good or "sellable" painting. It just takes the right person seeing the right painting at the right time. So even though the paintings have been with me for a while and have not sold yet, they are still awesome original oil paintings. They are just looking for the right home.
(To those of you that subscribe to my blog, I apologize for the earlier post of just the title. I don't know what happened.)

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rups said...

all the pictures are simple. but .. good. there have somthing.. in the art.