Monday, September 21, 2009


24x30......Oil on gallery wrap....."Bottlenecks".......$725($825 framed)

I really am happy with this painting. Not only is it a subject matter near and dear to my heart, but I like the different composition of this one as compared to some of my others.

This is from a photo I took in a restaurant in Las Vegas this past spring. I had a blast one afternoon wandering through some of the restaurants when the wait staff was setting up for dinner. I just wandered in and asked it they minded if I took pictures of the bottles or tablescapes or whatever interested me. Not one person said no.

We are just returning from my niece's wedding in Tampa. It was this past weekend and it was beautiful! My brother and sister-in-law did an awesome job putting the entire thing together. They did everything themselves...decorations, food, flowers...everything. They had some good helpers in the family and it could not have been any nicer if they had had highly paid professionals to do it all. (I still hate that I missed getting a stuffed tomato, though. Everyone was raving about them the next day. Where was I?)

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