Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pear for You....

"Pear for You"....16x20....oil on gallery wrap....$375(sold)

The depth of color in this painting really doesn't show in this photo....but it's pretty cool in person. It looks really nice with the pair of pears that I did a few posts ago.

I have a revolving foyer art show going on...I hang my paintings, as I complete them, on a grid system that I have hanging in my foyer. They hang there where I can enjoy them and critique them, as they dry and await their fate....either off directly to a new home, to a gallery or on the road with me to the outdoor art shows.

I love this system because I get to enjoy them before they go to their permanent home. Some of them, I will really miss. But alas, they have to grow up and head out on their own someday. Did I mention that my daughter is getting married?

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