Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pear Pairing Oil Paintings......

set 8x10.....Oil on 1.5 gallery wrap......"Pear Pairing".......$175(sold)

I am really excited about these two paintings. They are just the type of loose, colorful, funky paintings that I want to produce. I can just see them in someone's classy kitchen. The great thing about the groupings that I do is that they can be hung alone, side by side, or on top of each other. In kitchens sometimes walls come in horizontal patches (backsplashes) and in vertical segments (between doors) so these are great to add that punch of color.

The second festival that I will be attending this fall is the National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores Alabama. If you go to their site, highlight "Artist" in the keyboard to the left and then choose fine arts. Boom, I am number three. Also check out my friend, Martin Welch.

We both have an interesting situation coming up. We are both in the Red River Revel (see yesterday's post) and the Shrimp Festival. These are both 4-day shows. WITH ONE DAY IN BETWEEN! I will be by myself in one is free to come with me. So on Tuesday night the show in Shreveport ends at 9 PM. I have to break down and pack my stuff (normally a 3-hour process with TWO of us!) Then I have to get up early Wed. morning, drive from Shreveport to Jackson, pick up Mike and the trailer with more stuff in it, then hightail it down to Gulf Shores to get there before check-in closes at 6 PM. Then we have to set up the booth still. That can take 4 or 5 hours. The people who visit my booth on the first Thursday the Shrimp Festival opens will probably meet a zombie woman.

The really good news is that the condo we are staying in is in walking distance of the festival (no parking issues) and they offer two free nights if you book 5...and I had to book five for the festival itself. So like we did last year, we will be staying two extra days to relax after it is all over with. I know I will need at least two days!!!

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