Thursday, September 24, 2009

Walkie Bird Wing-Ding...

"Walkie Bird Wing-ding"....30x30....Oil on 1.5 Gallery Wrap...$900

This painting features friends of yesterday's birds. These guys were planning their strategy so that when they commenced to "walkie-walkie" they wouldn't run into each other.

This picture does not really capture the real painting. I will be getting a new camera soon, as soon as Canon releases the new G11. When I do, I hope to learn how to really use it well and take better pictures of my work. Partnered with that I need to learn how to really use the photo shop programs. I know some of it, but not enough. That's why I quit doing the Different Strokes blog adventure, because the photo requirements were so stringent that I couldn't be sure my entries were up to par. So in my spare time, between painting, planning my daughter's wedding and planning a trip to Italy I will strive to make better quality photos.

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