Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Walkie Birds I, II, and III...

Walkie Bird I (King of the Hill)...12x12...Oil on Canvas....$150SOLD
Walkie Bird II (Goin' Places)...12x12...Oil on canvas...$150SOLD

Walkie Bird III(I'll be Right Here if You Need Me)...12x12...Oil on Canvas...$150 SOLD

I have a close friend that calls these birds "walkie birds" because of their funny little skittery walk as they go back and forth on the sand when the waves come in and go out. I took these photos late in the day last year when we were enjoying our two-day "recuperation" stay at the end of the Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores.
I probably like these paintings as much as any I have ever done. I love the subject, the colors, and the fact that (to me anyway) you can tell that it is late afternoon at the beach.
That is my favorite time to be at the beach. The families with children pack up and go to dinner, the sun-bathers give it up and head in, and those of us who are left find that there is really no where else on earth we would rather be.

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V....Vaughan said...

Ah! Fresh work! I am happy to be the first to comment....These birds are lovely and looking thru your blog I really see the influence of your "mural / faux" roots...great job! Thank you for your kind comment. Robin and Carol are both good friends of mine! We live close and served on the same Plein Air Austin board till we all got too busy :) I also leave my works in the house for at least a few days before sending them off...sneaking up on them is a good way to put it :) haha! Your works look very much like you enjoy the process! I call that,"the verb", or actually DOING the "painting" ;) hope we meet some day!