Friday, September 4, 2009

Wine Bottle Oil Paintings....

24x36.....oil on 1.5 gallery wrap.......Three's Company......$875 SOLD

I took this photo at the Cork Wine Festival, also. The light was coming in from the back and you could see it through the bottles.

Well, I have been busy busy busy this week and have gotten several paintings done. They will be posted next week after I have them all photographed.

Thanks to all who have commented and welcomed me back after my long absence.

And now to end the week with a smile. Check out these two party animals. Am I lucky to have a daughter-in-law who realizes how much I love getting these photos or what? The girls will be seven months old on Sunday. I feel like I fell asleep in January and woke up and it's September!

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Christina said...

haha I'm loving this pic of the twins! Too cute!!