Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tabasco with a Twist...Oil paintings

Painting 1 Painting 2
Painting..................."Pssst"....10x20.....oil on canvas....$200(sold)
Painting...."Twist of Tabasco".....12x24....oil on canvas....$290

I have struggled, since I returned from my two are shows, to get back into painting mode. The posts from the last few days since I returned have been of paintings that I had done prior to the shows that I had not had time to post before I left.

I knew why I was was because I was headed in a new direction. I had looked at lots of good art at the two shows I had been a part of, plus I had spent 8 days in a tent surrounded by my own work. I knew what I liked and I knew also, what was missing. I knew where I sort of wanted to go but I just couldn't break out and make a move in that direction. I unpacked and primed new canvases and did all sorts of "useful" stuff instead of painting.

But then I saw the art of Carole Foret online. She is where I want to be. She even paints Tabasco! Looking at her stuff got me going. It says what I want my work to say. I want my paintings to look like they are moving. I want them to be alive and happy and colorful. I had the colorful part and the happy part (according to comments I heard during my art festival stint) but I was missing the moving part. The work you see above is a result of combining what I already did with what I see others doing. I will not switch completely over to this form of expression, but I can tell you for sure you will be seeing more of it.

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Pattie Wall said...

Hi Lorrie, I like the idea of these dancing Tabasco's! They are whimsical! I am with you - ready for my art to take a new fork in the road...I just haven't come to the fork - but I can see it in the near distance. Winter time for me, past these shows I am doing, will be a good time to experiment. I am looking forward to viewing some more of your new changes!