Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Heading up Bourbon Street.....oil painting.....

Heading up Bourbon Street....8x10....oil on board.....SOLD

This is still a "little landscape" like the postS of the last couple of days....but you will agree it is very different.

I think it is amazing if you stop to think about it....the different kinds of worlds people live in. One person steps out their front door and they are surrounded by nature...another by concrete and cars. The point was driven home to me when Michael, my oldest, almost ended up with a job in NYC.

We went up there to find an apartment for them when he and Heather were virtual newlyweds. It was so funny to see what their daily life would have been like. Small apartment, subway to work, stop at the market on the way home...just so different from the life we are used to down here in the South.

Thankfully, they ended up in Kentucky, where they still are, and thankfully that is where the twins were born. I cannot imagine if they had actually gone to New York. God was watching out for them. Not that New York is a bad place, but I think what happened was best for them and the rest of the family.

On another subject, I just found out today, thanks to my great husband, that I got in the Gumtree Festival in Tupelo in May. Someone once told me that doing the outdoor art festivals was like having to apply for your job 5 or 6 times a year. And it is don't know whether you will get in or is a juried process. And some don't make it.
I got in Gumtree the first year I applied and then the next year I didn't get in. I was SO disappointed. Then as it turned out the weekend of the festival was the weekend my daughter graduated from college....I wouldn't have been able to go anyway and I would have had to forfeit my substantial booth fee. God looks out for us, but sometimes we don't see his hand on our shoulder immediately.
Have a great day everybody.

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