Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tools of the Trade....oil painting.....

"Tools of the Trade"......12x24....oil......SOLD
This is a variation of my Tabasco trend...I like it and plan to do more similar pairings....with other condiments, on tablescapes, and with spices and foods that you would commonly see with Tabasco.

This is one of the paintings that I have done for my upcoming outdoor festival...Doubledecker in Oxford.  I am done painting now and need to do prints and put wires on the backs and make title cards.  All aspects of the "other side" of the glamorous life of an artist.  The part that people don't think about when they ask how long it takes to do a "painting".  Sometimes the painting is the quick part...it's the "work" that takes all the time.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

something about tabasco and spices beg to be painted.
Do you throw a little hot sauce on the brushes to keep 'em stoked ? ;)

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