Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Chorus Line...Tomatoes Oil Painting

A Chorus Line...Tomatoes....18x36....Oil on canvas......$725

This is a little different from my other tomato paintings.  For one it is larger, and it also features several tomatoes.  I can just picture it above a buffet in someone's dining room or in a keeping room.  I do love painting tomatoes.



Sports Nuggets... Basketball, Baseball,Soccer, Golf...Oil on Canvas...6x6 ea.....$55 ea.

Now these little jewels!  Oh MY!!  They were so much fun to paint. I love the drama of the lighting and the colors!  They are tiny by my standards, just 6x6 inches!  I can just see them on a backsplash in someone's man cave.  Or in a sports nut's room.  Or a nursery!  I love oil paintings as an unexpected touch of class in a baby's room. 

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