Monday, February 21, 2011

New Orleans Bourbon Street Oil Painting

It's Always a Party!....18x36......oil on canvas.....$725

Catch of the Day.....24x8.........Oil on Canvas.....$210

I have been painting quite non-stop over the last three weeks.  I'm getting ready for spring shows and restocking galleries.  I had a hard time photographing these two of my latest paintings.   They both still have a tiny glare problem that is annoying.

The top one is one of my all-time favorites ....of all the hundreds of paintings I have done, this one rates in the top ten.  I LOVE the colors in it.  It has the mood that I wanted to capture and all-around it is just one of those that flew onto the canvas.  As I say sometimes, God painted it (if indeed He would care to paint a picture of Bourbon Street) and I just held the brush.

The bottom one is a fish I painted in preparation for my show next month at Maggie May's in Bay St. Louis.  I will be their featured artist and my paintings will hang in the front space of their way-cool gallery for the month following their Second Saturday art walk.

For now back to the easel!

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I like the paintings. Good to see you back.