Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pears and More Pears....Oil Paintings

A Chorus Line...Pears....18x36...Oil on canvas.....$725

Pear Squares....6x6........oil on canvas....$55. ea.
Pears are, to me, the fruit with the most personality.  They have "body language".  I like to paint them.  I am particularly happy with these that I have painted recently.  I have one more set of four, but I forgot to photo them in the Great Photo Shoot the other day.

Welcome to those of you who are joining me from Facebook, thanks to my sweet daughter-in-law's mention in her status.  I have the best supportive family on the planet!

Also, to those that have subscribed to my blog and get my posts in your email each day that I actually manage to make one(thank-you)...I have a hint for you.  If you click on the name of my blog at the top of the email...  in my emails from other artists it is written in will take you to my actual blog.  My stuff  looks so much better on the blog than it does in the stark white email environment.  Just a quick hint to increase your viewing pleasure. 

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