Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"On the Way to San G"....16x20...oil on canvas.....SOLD
This is one of the paintings that sold this past weekend at "Art in the Pass".  It was painted from a photo I took on our trip to Italy this past fall.  The couple that bought it had been to Italy as well and it brought back good memories for them, too.  That's about all you can ask of a painting...to evoke a positive emotion.


oil painting classes said...

Your painting "On the Way to San G" is great! I like the colors! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

Anonymous said...

Lorrie, I love "On the Way to San G." It is my favorite. I also like the shrim boats very much (very serene and calm feeling) and the oysters (great color and composition). Congratulations on SELLING SOME PAINTINGS!! I am very happy for you. Jack Cowles