Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tomatoes....Oil paintings


I have decided to streamline my blogging process.  I want to share my art, but life keeps getting busier.  My plan is to try to do blog posts that don't take as much time, so therefore they may actually get done.  If you are interestd in a certain piece, feel free to email me about the size and cost.  It takes a while to center that info under the photo and not everyone needs that...so poof, it is gone by the wayside.

These are the tomatoes that I promised "tomorrow" a couple of weeks ago.  Someone at one of my shows reminded me that they were still waiting for tomatoes....so here they are! 

My tomatoes have been very popular this fall!  I sold 5 (five!) tomato paintings at RedRiverRevel in Shreveport and could possibly have sold more if I had had them. 

Ok, I am off to paint! (You guessed it!  Tomatoes today.)


laine lea said...

Lorrie, Found your blog through Viki Chuck. Enjoyed viewing. Love the tomatoes here!! Would you be intereseted in sharing links?

laine lea said...

Hi Lorrie, Just added you on my artist links/places to see...Thanks for doing the same... mine blog is lainelea.blogspot.com
Look forward to seeing more of yoiur work! Good luck with your workshop.