Thursday, April 19, 2012

Workshop is in the "Success" column....

 Here is a photo of me with "my kids" as Carol Marine calls them.  These are the luscious ladies that took on the challenge to "let loose and let go" at my pallet knife workshop in Fairhope, AL.  The Eastern Shore Art Center was a wonderful place to have a workshop and the participants were awesome!  We had a great time and they tell me they learned a lot. 

We definitely learned more about getting "bold, loose, funky, chunky!"  And  they even got to meet my new grandbaby!  (Did I mention that I have a new grandbaby?)

This is the timed demo I did to illustrate the benefits of setting a timer to make you hurry up and make spontaneous decisions in order to loosen up.  Thank goodness this one was a success, because I sort of crashed and burned on the crab demo.

I want to thank all of the ladies that were so willing to do whatever came up and who made my first workshop a personal success.  I also want to thank those in my past that I drew inspriation from...Claudia Swager (my junior high art teacher),  Bob Tompkins, Carol Marine, and mostly Julie McCartney.  It was amazing, when I thought back to the tips and tricks that I use every day, to think back to the source of that information.  Thanks to all!  I will live to teach again, I hope!

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

LOL, Crashed and burned. Been there, done that :)
Isn't it fun to teach?